Offshore & Foreign Bank Accounts

At McCauley Law Offices, our experienced international tax attorneys provide comprehensive services related to offshore and foreign bank accounts. 

From tax planning and compliance to resolving existing issues, we assist businesses and individuals in navigating the complex landscape of international taxation. Here are the key services we offer regarding offshore and foreign bank accounts:

International Business Support:

  • Establish new international business entities, structure overseas transactions, and ensure compliance with tax laws and trade regulations.
  • Handle mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, divestitures, and other transactions involving international business operations.

IRS Dispute Representation:

  • Provide representation and protect your interests in tax disputes with the IRS.
  • Navigate IRS investigations and effectively advocate on your behalf to achieve a favorable resolution.

International Business Audits:

  • Handle complex audits involving transfer pricing issues, controlled foreign corporations (CFCs), international trusts, and foreign partnerships.
  • Assist in responding to audit inquiries, addressing compliance concerns, and minimizing potential penalties.

Voluntary Disclosure:

  • Resolve voluntary disclosure cases for U.S. citizens and residents with unreported foreign income, offshore bank accounts, and other offshore holdings.
  • Guide you through the disclosure process, ensuring compliance with IRS requirements and minimizing potential penalties.

Offshore Bank Account Compliance:

  • Address concerns related to offshore bank accounts, trusts, or structures that may not be in compliance with IRS requirements.
  • Provide guidance on reporting obligations and assist in rectifying any compliance issues.
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For businesses and individuals involved in international ventures, it is essential to seek professional guidance to ensure tax efficiency and legal compliance. Contact McCauley Law Offices today for a free, privileged, and confidential consultation. 


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