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Got Back Taxes? McCauley Law Has Solutions!

Dealing with the burden of back taxes can be overwhelming, especially when you lack the funds to pay the full amount. Moreover, any mistakes on your tax returns can prove costly, potentially triggering unwanted attention from the IRS.

Whether your tax debt stems from an innocent oversight, financial constraints, or other reasons, ignoring the issue won’t make it disappear. The longer you wait, the more penalties and compounded interest will accumulate. So, if you find yourself owing back taxes, it’s crucial to take the following steps:

Evaluate Your Situation

Understanding the depth of your tax debt is the first step towards resolving it. Start by thoroughly reviewing your previous tax returns, examining correspondence from the IRS, and totaling the amount owed to the tax agency.
This assessment will provide you with a clearer picture, enabling you to devise concrete plans. If your debt is substantial, paying it all at once may be impossible. However, with the guidance of a tax relief professional, you may be able to develop a suitable repayment plan or negotiate a reduced settlement amount.

Review Your Budget

While owing money to the IRS is undoubtedly stressful, you must find a way to resolve the issue. Ideally, you can negotiate a more favorable payment plan with the IRS, potentially resulting in a reduced amount owed. However, this depends on factors such as your income, allowable expenses, and available assets.
If you have back taxes, it’s crucial to meticulously review your household budget. Every dollar you can repay now means one less dollar accumulating interest. Evaluate areas where you can cut back and explore ways to free up additional cash.

Take Prompt Action

When it comes to back taxes, time is of the essence. Once your tax debt is assessed, the clock starts ticking, and each passing day incurs higher penalties and compounding interest. To finally put your tax debt behind you, it’s crucial to act swiftly. The sooner you embark on a tax resolution plan, the faster you can regain control of your financial situation.

Seek Professional Tax Relief Assistance

The reality is that you owe back taxes to the IRS, but the good news is that you may qualify for the IRS’s offer in compromise program. Through this program, it’s possible to settle your entire debt, including penalties and interest, for a fraction of the original amount owed.
However, handling this process alone can be daunting. To navigate the complexities and optimize your chances of success, it’s advisable to work with a tax relief expert. These professionals will guide you in identifying suitable programs and negotiate on your behalf, making the process smoother and more effective.

Leveraging the budget assessment you conducted earlier, a tax-relief expert can help you identify potential income sources and accessible resources. Armed with this information, they will assist you in finding an appropriate tax compromise plan that could significantly reduce your financial burden.


We may be biased, but we think McCauley Law is the team you need to help you out of your Tax Jam! To help alleviate the stress associated with back taxes, we offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with our team of tax resolution experts. Rest assured that your confidentiality is ensured, and the consultation is entirely free, devoid of any gimmicks or commitments.

Don’t let your back taxes continue to burden you. Take charge of your financial future today by seeking professional assistance and resolving your tax debt efficiently. Contact us today! We’ll deal with the IRS so you don’t have to.


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