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DE Man Saved $100k with McCauley Law

DE Man Saved $100k in tax debt with McCauley Law on his Side!

McCauley Law was able to get this man out of a big Tax Jam with the state of Delaware. How was it that our client saved some much? Our client came to us owing over $140,000 to the state of Delaware! We negotiated zealously with the state and were able to secure a settlement. After retaining McCauley Law, the client only had to pay $37,874.00. Thats a savings of over $100,000!

McCauley Law Offices can help you out of your Tax Jam too. Contact us for a FREE consultation, and let us get the tax liabilities off your back. We work to resolve both state and federal tax controversies every day, it’s all we do!

McCauley Law Offices can help!

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