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Tax Jam: Tax Preparer Preps for Prison

Tax Jam: Tax Preparer Preps for Prison

McCauley Law Offices can help you out of your Tax Jam. Give us a call for a FREE consultation to get started! When the IRS knocks, let us answer. We can help you and you will breathe easier with our team on your side. Today’s story is about a Tax Preparer who is now preparing himself for a stint in the big house. If you feel like the cell door is closing on you, reach out to us today and let our seasoned team help you.

Orland Reed was an employee of a tax preparation business in Mississippi. Reed was sentenced to 27 months in prison for preparing false tax returns for his clients.

Reed prepared returns that included false education credits, dependent information, federal tax withholdings and retirement contributions so he could get larger refunds for his clients. On several occasions he signed the returns with a different preparer’s name. Twice Reed misappropriated portions of his clients’ refunds that were sent by the IRS to the tax preparation business in the form of prepaid debit cards.

In addition to the prison sentence, Reed was ordered to pay restitution to the IRS in the amount of $69,185.

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