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Namaste in Prison

The owners of the Yoga to the People chain were stealing tax money from We the People, and were arressted for failing to file tax returns from 2013-2020. Gregory Gumucio, Michael Anderson, and Haven Soliman started the donation based yoga studio in Manhattan in 2006, and ultimately had 20 locations around the country.

Court records show that the studios generated more than 20 million dollars in income, but despite the company’s success, they never filed a corporate tax return. The men hid the company’s income by paying employees in cash, refusing to provide employees with tax documentation, not maintaining books and records, paying personal expenses from business accounts, and using nominees to disguise their connection to various entities. They were known to have “stacking parties” where they would get together to count the cash stacked in one of their apartments.

Gumucio has unreported income exceeding $1.6 million and an estimated tax due of $431,000; Anderson has unreported income exceeding $2.1 million and an estimated tax due of $603,000; and Soliman has unreported income exceeding $961,000 and an estimated tax due of $196,000. They led a lifestyle that included foreign travel, NFL season tickets, and horse lodging.

They each face a maximum prison sentence of 30 years, plus restitution.

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