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Two Year Prison Term for Dallas Cowboys Fan Who Owes $12.7 Million in Payroll Taxes

Thomas Valdez Rodriguez is no star when it comes to the IRS.

Thomas, the owner of Tom-E-Lee Trucking and Tom-E Lee Industries was sentenced to 24 months in prison for failing to pay employment taxes.

From 2012 to 2018 Rodriguez failed to pay the employment taxes he withheld from employees of his trucking company and did the same from 2015 to 2018 on payments withheld from employees of Lee Industries company. Rodriguez also stopped paying personal income taxes beginning in 2011. In total he owed the IRS $12,714,214.42 in unpaid payroll taxes and unpaid personal income taxes.

Rodriguez used some of the money for season tickets on the 50-yard line at Dallas Cowboys games, chartered jets to take him and his friends to the games, and he also purchased a new home worth over two million dollars.

In addition to the prison sentence, he was ordered to pay the $12,714,214.42.

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