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Antique Dealer Illegally Selling Walrus Tusks Pays Fine in Six-Figures and Marine Mammal Parts

An Alaskan antique dealer, Walter Earl, was found guilty of tax evasion and trafficking in illegal walrus ivory.


Earl, the owner of The Antique Gallery, was caught selling illegal walrus skulls and ivory tusks to undercover agents, a crime that led to the discovery of his tax evasion.


Earl didn’t file any tax returns from 2013 to 2017, in spite of the fact that his business generated $679,245 in revenue during that time. To avoid having accurate records of his business income he dealt primarily in cash, kept very few receipts, had accounts at several banks, and ordered his employees not to report their income.


Earl was ordered to serve six months of home confinement and to pay $185,000 in fines and $216,054 in restitution to the IRS. He also had to forfeit 50 walrus tusks and other illegal marine mammal parts to the United States.

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