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Man Named Boggus Files Bogus Tax Returns

Glenn Edwards Boggus was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay $495,368 in restitution to the IRS for filing false tax returns.


In 2017 Boggus filed a fraudulent income tax return that claimed a 1.14 million dollar tax refund. He submitted a false W-2 reporting $5,647,888 in wages and $3,333,116 in withholdings from a company that did not exist.


The IRS sent Boggus a refund for $935,432.56, which he proceeded to deposit in his personal bank account.


As part of his plea agreement, Boggus admitted in court that he had filed previous fraudulent returns. He had claimed fraudulent tax refunds in the amount of $33,489 for tax year 2013, $323,765 for tax year 2014 and $258,407 for tax year 2015.

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