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Filing False Tax Returns with Stolen IDs Gets Woman Prison ID

Marien Torres-Acevedo was sentenced to 75 months in prison for her part in a scheme that included stealing identities and filing false tax returns with the stolen IDs.

From January 2015 to July 2016 Torres-Acevedo and two co-conspirators filed dozens of false tax returns that she admitted generated between 550,000 to 1.5 million dollars.

Torres-Acevedo was also held accountable for fabricating social media communications that she claimed were threatening to her and her family, but were discovered to have been created by her as a ploy for sympathy.

In addition to the prison sentence she has been ordered to pay $857,729.65 in restitution.

One co-conspirator was sentenced to 54 months in prison and the other was sentenced to three years probation and paid 2.1 million dollars in restitution and fines.

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