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Stolen Identity Refund Fraud: The Wrong Way to Do Laundry

There is always someone out to try to game the system.  Over the past several years the IRS has seen tens of thousands of fraudulent returns filed in what they are terming Stolen Identity Refund Fraud.  In essence, criminals obtain Social Security Numbers and proceed to file false tax returns yielding significant refunds.  Unfortunately in most instances the IRS unknowingly issues those refunds to the criminals.  If you are aware of criminal behavior of this sort you may be entitle to compensation under the whistle blower statutes.  Contact McCauley Law Office today to discuss your case.

Armen Martirosyan pled guilty to federal fraud for opening more than a dozen bank accounts he knew would be used to launder tax refunds obtained from false tax returns using stolen identities.  He opened the first account in 2009 and deposited $189,000 from 24 fraudulent tax refunds. Over the years Martirosyan opened a total of 15 bank accounts to launder money from illegal returns and laundered more than $1,866,000 in stolen funds.

Martirosyan was part of a much larger crime ring that used false identities and fake Republic of Armenia passports to open hundreds of bank accounts used to launder funds from false tax returns. The scheme involved approximately 7000 false tax returns that sought almost 38 million dollars in refunds. The IRS issued nearly 14 million dollars in false refunds.  This crime ring included approximately 20 defendants, including ex-Wells Fargo Bank manager Hakop Zakaryan and Glendale lawyer Arthur S. Charchian, who were previously charged in that scheme.

For his part in the scheme Martirosyan faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

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