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Most know that the hit Broadway musical Hamilton is based on Alexander Hamilton who was one of the first founding fathers, the first United States Secretary of Treasury and is on the $10 bill.

Here are some fun facts about Hamilton that you might not know:

  • He probably lied about his age.
    • He never lied about the actual day of his birth, January 11th, but he lied about the year he was born saying he was born in 1757.  His official birth records from Nevis, a small island in the Caribbean, state he was born in 1755.
  • He liked to write poetry.
    • A poem he wrote to Eliza Schuyler, who he was courting at the time, won her over so much she placed the poem in a little bag and wore it around her neck.  The two would later marry.
  • George Washington Wrote His Last Letter to Hamilton.
    • Hamilton had argued that a regular Military Academy needed to be established.  Two days before Washington died, he wrote his last letter to Hamilton agreeing and said it would be, “of primary importance to this country.”

Source:  Mental Floss

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