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Top Four Frivolous Reasons for Not Paying Taxes

  • Filing taxes is voluntary, and I don’t care to volunteer
    • These people think because they see the word “voluntary” in the instructions for form 1040 they are allowed to decide to pay or not.  But in this case, “voluntary” means you can figure your own taxes, rather than having the government figure it for you. Payment isn’t voluntary, nor is compliance with an IRS summons.
  • There’s no gross income when I exchange labor for money, so I owe no income taxes.
    • Gross income” means all income from whatever source derived and includes compensation for services.
  • Federal Reserve notes aren’t real currency, so if you get paid in dollars, you don’t owe taxes.
    • The IRS says this is wrong.  This argument misinterprets Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution. The courts have rejected this argument on all occasions people use this excuse.
  • “The United States” consists only of federal lands, like the District of Columbia; federal territories, like Puerto Rico and federal enclaves, like military bases and does not include “sovereign” states.
    • The Internal Revenue Code imposes a federal income tax upon all United States citizens and residents.  The Supreme Court has “recognized that the sixteenth amendment authorizes a direct non-apportioned tax upon United States citizens throughout the nation, not just in federal enclaves.”

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