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Be a Snitch and Earn Millions!

The IRS Whistleblower Program, which rewards tipsters who turn in tax cheats a percentage of the money collected by the IRS, had their biggest year for rewards ever in 2018.

The IRS collected $1,441 billion in taxes, penalties and interest on information provided by whistleblowers, which paid out $312 million in rewards.

Whistleblowers receive an average of 21.7% of the amount collected from the tax cheat they reported.

One tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, was awarded approximately $100 million for turning in a multi-national corporation.

The largest award ever went to a former private banker for UBS AG for turning the bank in, which admitted it encouraged U.S. taxpayers to hide assets abroad.  Although he was convicted for the same crime and spent 30 months in prison, he was awarded $104 million in 2012.

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