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Landscaper Hedges His Bet and Loses with the IRS

Joseph Ferry III, from Port Saint Lucie, FL was indicted after his arrest on five counts each of filing false corporate and individual tax returns.

Ferry was the owner of Ferry Enterprises, Inc., which provided residential and commercial landscaping services. The indictment alleges that Ferry understated his personal income on his individual returns and the business revenue for Ferry Enterprises for the tax years 2012-2016. According to the indictment, Ferry deposited business income into his corporate bank account, but Ferry used the money to pay personal expenses, including payments on his personal mortgage and loans, purchased firearms, home renovations and jewelry.  It’s also alleged that he withdrew more than $2.9 million in cash from the corporation’s account.

If convicted, Ferry could face a maximum of three years in prison for each of the 10 counts of filing a false tax return with the IRS, as well as monetary penalties and restitution.

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