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You’d Think She Would Know Better…Former IRS Special Agent Convicted on Tax Charges

A former special agent for the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division, Alena Aleykina was convicted by a jury on charges of filing false tax returns, obstruction of justice and stealing government money.

In the evidence shown at trial, it was shown that Aleykina, filed six false tax returns: three personal tax returns for 2009, 2010, 2011 and three in the names of trusts she created. Aleykina fraudulently claimed head of household filing status, false dependents and deductions for expenses in which she was not entitled to on her personal returns, as well as claiming false wages paid to her mother and sister, while not reporting rental income on her trust tax returns.

While the government was investigating her false claim on her returns from Tuition Assistance, receiving $4,000 for tuition reimbursement for classes she did not take, Aleykina lied to the agents requesting her laptop by claiming she did not know where it was but began deleting files from the computer after the agents left.

It’s estimated that the loss to the IRS is more than $60,000.  Sentencing will be in September 2018 where she could face three years in prison for each count of filing a false return, 10 years in prison for theft of government funds, 20 years for obstruction of justice as well as restitution and monetary penalties.

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