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Resort Operator Won’t be Working on His Tan in Prison

William Whittington of Scottsdale, AZ, and a former resident of Pagosa Springs, CO, pled guilty in the U.S. District Court of Colorado on charges of filing a false tax return in 2010.

Whittington, along with family members, owned the Springs Resort & Spa in Pagosa Springs.  From 2010 to 2012, Whittington directed that income derived from the resort by used to pay his personal expenses, which resulted in him underreporting his income by more than $900,000 and not paying more than $360,000 in income taxes.

It was also shown in court that from 2003 to 2010, Whittington used two offshore accounts in Liechtenstein to generate more than $9.7 in investment income in which he did not declare on his tax returns, resulting in a loss to the IRS of at least $1.5 million.

Sentencing is scheduled for October 9, 2018 where he will face prison time, supervised release, restitution and monetary penalties.

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