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Some of the Worst Tax Cheats in History – Dennis Kozlowski

Dennis Kozlowski, Disgraced CEO
Your typical CEO of an American megacorporation isn’t afraid to exhibit the trappings of his or her success. Kozlowski, the former chairman of Tyco International, was no exception, as he paid $14.7 million for 12 paintings — including a Monet, Renoir and Bouguereau — to proudly display in his Manhattan apartment. The obvious problem: he didn’t pay the accompanying taxes, resulting in his 2002 indictment and eventual agreement to pay $21.2 million to settle charges, $3.2 million of which was in sales tax and interest on the paintings. In the process, Kozlowski and Mark Schwartz, the company’s former financial chief, were convicted of stealing more than $600 million from Tyco. Currently, Kozlowski is serving an 8.33-to 25-year prison sentence.

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