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Attorney Gets Barred in Tax Scheme

An attorney from Southwest Ranches, FL , Michael Meyer, has been handed a civil complaint filed by the US to permanently bar him from providing federal tax advice because of his alleged tax scheme that he marketed to financial planners and CPAs.

It’s alleged that Meyer, an attorney licensed in Kentucky and Indiana, advised participants to claim unwarranted charitable donations to three bogus charities that he controls.  The donations are made on paper only and no money was ever donated.  Some of the “contributions” were backdated promissory notes and fabricated intellectual property.  It’s also alleged that Meyer prepared baseless appraisals and false federal tax forms to facilitate the scheme.

The complaint also alleges that Meyer misrepresented himself as a licensed CPA and Certified Valuation Analyst.

The United States Treasury is seeking to recover the more than $35 million it claims to have lost in Meyer’s scheme

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