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Interesting World Tax Exemptions

World Cup Tax Exemption

Before any country can host the Word Cup for soccer, FIFA demands “a comprehensive tax exemption to be given to FIFA”, including freedom from corporate tax, income tax, VAT and any other taxes the laws might require.


Artist Exemption— Ireland

If you’re an artist in Ireland, earning your income through books, writing, plays, musical compositions, painting or sculptures, and the Arts Council determines the work is original and creative having cultural or artistic merit, they can grant an exemption of income up to €50,000 from income tax.


Cereal Toy Tax — Canada

Makers of children’s breakfast cereal in Canada are granted tax-free exempt status if their cereals contain free toys.  The exemption is limited to toys that are not “beer, liquor or wine.”


British Culture Film Tax Break

Britain offers tax deductions to films it considers “culturally British”. Based on a “culture scoring test”, the film must pass with a score of 16 out of 31 points to receive a tax break of 25%.

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