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Your IRS Questions Answered Here…

Question: I was self-employed and haven’t been able to pay my taxes for 3 years.  Now I’m a W-2 employee but I’m getting letters from the IRS demanding payment and threatening to garnish my paycheck. What should I do?

Answer:  The IRS doesn’t like being ignored and they want you to know they won’t go away. They have a lot of power over your life. They have 10 years to collect from the date you filed your return. Not only can they freeze your bank accounts and take the money, but they can garnish your wages and legally take as much as 75% of your net paycheck, without a court order!  The IRS can and will slap a lien on your house and other property as well. If you sell your house the IRS gets their money first before you do. Federal Tax Liens will damage your credit, making it harder to rent an apartment, get a car, obtain credit, and even get a job.  The IRS can even show up at your door!  Interest and penalties continue to accrue on a daily basis. You need professional expert help to deal with the IRS!  You can’t do this on your own. We offer immediate relief by protecting you from the long arm of the IRS. This is what we do on a daily basis. Don’t let the IRS take what you worked so hard for to earn.

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