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If You Take a Bribe, You Must Report it as Income on Your Tax Return

A former Bibb County, GA superintendent, Romain Dallemand, pled guilty to tax evasion for failing to report “an unauthorized $100,000 payment which was intended to influence Mr. Dallemand while he served as Superintendent of the Bibb County School District”, according to U.S. Attorney Pete Peterman.

The money was paid to Dallemand by Cliffard Whitby, chairman of the Macon County Industrial Authority to support a project he was involved in called the Macon Promise Neighborhood.

The funds were funneled through a Florida attorney named Harold Knowles.  Both Whitby and Knowles are now facing numerous federal charges as well.

Dallemand faces up to three years in prison.  His sentencing hearing has not yet been scheduled.

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