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Catholic Priest Forgets the Commandment “Thou Shall Not Steal”

A Roman Catholic Priest form San Jose, CA, Hien Minh Nguyen was sentenced to 36 months in prison on charges of tax evasion and bank fraud.

From 2008 to 2011, Nguyen stole money that his parishioners donated to the Diocese of San Jose in the form of checks and cash.  Nguyen deposited the checks and cash to his personal account and used checks drawn from the church business account to pay his personal expenses.

It was shown in court that the amount of the embezzlement was over $1,449,000, which Nguyen failed to report on his income tax returns.

In addition to jail time, Nguyen has three years supervised release, and ordered to pay a total of $1,883,883 in restitution, which includes $434,518 to the IRS.

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