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Florida Man Finds a Window to Evade Paying Taxes

Thomas Daly, of Fort Lauderdale, FL, pled guilty on June 1, 2017 to tax evasion. According to court records, Daly admitted that from 2002-2015 (with the exception of 2007), he avoided paying taxes on $1.5 million in income by not filing taxes. In 2009, the IRS sent Daly a notice of intent to levy his wages for failure to pay taxes.  At that time, Daly worked for a company selling hurricane-resistant windows.

In an effort to impede the IRS’s levy, Daly established his own business, South Florida Home Marketing Inc. (SFHM), and opened a bank account in the name of the company.  He then changed his employment status from employee to independent contractor, thereby allowing his employer to pay SFHM directly and attempts to levy his wages were prevented.

From August 2009 through April 2017, Daly used the funds from the account of SFHM to pay for personal expenses, including: rent, international travel, his girlfriend’s cosmetic surgery and a boat. He would classify these expenses as business expenses on the memo lines of the checks.  Daly admitted that his actions caused the IRS a loss of more than $351,000.

At his sentencing on Aug. 18th, Daly faces a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison, supervised release and restitution and monetary penalties.

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