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Weird State Tax Facts

-Alabama-Residents still pay a Confederate veterans tax, despite the fact that all Civil War veterans are long dead. Nowadays the tax supports the Confederate Memorial Park.

-Arkansas-Charges a 6% tax on body piercings, tattoos and electrolysis.

-South Carolina-Any meat packer or butcher in the state can get a $50 rebate by donating a deer carcass to charity to be used to feed the hungry.

-Arizona-Ice cubes are exempt from sales tax because they are used in mixed drinks.  Blocks of ice are not.

-New York-There is no tax on the sale of whole bagels, but an 8.875% tax is charged if you get it sliced.

-Illinois-Candy made without flour, such as Twix is not taxed. If candy is made with flour, such as Snickers, it’s taxed at 5%.

-Missouri-Single men between the ages of 21 and 50 must pay a $1 annual tax. The law was enacted in 1820 to encourage more men to marry.

-Colorado-Coffee cup lids are taxed at 2.9%, but not the coffee cup itself.

-Utah-Since 2004, Utah charges a 10% tax on escort services and strip clubs.

-Hawaii-Residents can claim up to $3,000 in personal income tax deductions for maintaining “exceptional” trees on their property.

-New Jersey-Pumpkins that are sold as decorations are subject to sales tax. If you plan to eat the pumpkin, the sale is tax free.

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