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How Does a Federal Tax Lien Affect You?

The IRS files Federal Tax Liens (“FTL”) to secure the governments interest in property against individuals with back tax liabilities.  The FTL is of public record, often filed in the county courthouse where the tax payer lives.  According to the IRS, a FTL can affect you in numerous ways:

Assets — A lien attaches to all of your assets (such as property, securities, vehicles) and to future assets acquired during the duration of the lien.

Credit — Once the IRS files a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, it may limit your ability to get credit.

Business — The lien attaches to all business property and to all rights to business property, including accounts receivable.

Bankruptcy — If you file for bankruptcy, your tax debt, lien, and Notice of Federal Tax Lien may continue after the bankruptcy.

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