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It’s No Laughing Matter for the Owners of All About Smiles, LLC

Husband and wife Pamela Van Drie and Lorin Van Drie, of Marshfield, MO were indicted on numerous fraud charges as well as conspiracy to defraud the government by failing to pay the IRS payroll taxes from 2013 to 2015.

The Van Drie’s were owners of a dental service company, All About Smiles LLC and the PL Family Management Co, which managed the staff at their dental clinics.  Although payroll taxes were taken out of their employees check, the Van Dries failed to pay those taxes, amounting to over $195,000 to the IRS.

The Van Dries diverting the payroll funds to their personal accounts, used the money instead to purchase a boat, an RV, multiple vehicles (including a Hummer and Mercedes), diamonds, expenses for their two homes and family vacations, and a pulling truck called “Momma’s Money”, which their son used in pulling competitions throughout Missouri.

A trial date is pending.

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