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State of Oregon Tax Case Exposed Major Issues in the Department of Revenue

An Oregon woman, Krystle Marie Reyes received a state tax refund in the amount of $2.1 million in 2011 on her return where she claimed she had earned $3.5 million.  On her previous 2 returns, for 2009 and 2010 she stated her income as less than $15,000.

Reyes filed her return through Turbo Tax.  Although her large return was marked to be examined by a clerk because it was over $50,000, the clerk overrode the denial, as did the second revenue officer and the third official, which was the manager.

Reyes received the $2.1 million on a Visa debit card, and proceeding to go on a spending spree along with her co-conspirator, Dashawn Marquis Hudson, who has a criminal record including a charge of attempted murder.  One of the items purchased was a 9 mm handgun.

Her bogus return would have gone unnoticed except that Reyes lost the card and called Turbo Tax for a replacement.  An employee of Intuit questioned the large amount on the card, contacted the Oregon Department of Revenue who suspended the card. It was only then did they look into how this refund was allowed to happen and called for a legislative hearing on this matter.

Reyes is currently serving a 5 ½ year sentence.

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