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They truly saved my life ~ Don

They truly saved my life ~ Don

I was recommended to Greg by a very successful builder who had serious IRS problems and was helped by Greg to get the IRS off his back. When I called Greg’s office I spoke to his wife Maureen who asked me many great questions and calmed me down and set up an appointment for me to meet Greg. I was 6 or 7 years behind in filing taxes due to a long bitter divorce, overwhelm and using an accountant who was not calling me back. The warning of levy letters had already been sent to me so Greg immediately got me into action getting me to get his firm the information so he could get me out of legal trouble. (non filing is a criminal offense. My record keeping was not all organized but Greg’s team helped me obtain the basics already on file with the IRS and I put together what I could so that we could file each return. My speed was not fast enough and the IRS seized my income and bank accounts. I thought my life was over but Greg, Maureen and his talented and compassionate staff brought me back to life. Greg got the salary levy lifted within a week, we finished filing and then we waited for the results. When I received the IRS bill it was staggering. Greg got me a payment plan I could afford, kept the IRS off my back and recently we got the penalties and interest greatly reduced so I will be able to sign an installment agreement that I will be able to afford. I thank Greg and Maureen and their staff every time I see them because they truly saved my life.

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