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Interesting IRS Historical Fact Of The Month

In 1952, the IRS (which was known at the time as the Bureau of Internal Revenue) had a tax collector position where the employee’s only responsibility was to read newspapers and magazines for stories that might catch people evading paying taxes.

Upon reading an article in the New York Times about a successful “boy wonder” who earned $15 million just a few years out of college, the tax collector reported it as suspicious, and it was discovered that the millionaire did not pay his taxes.  The tax collector employee also shared, “The most helpful snitches are divorced wives.”

Interestingly enough, IRS Agents today still do the same thing. Our Attorneys have had several interactions with Revenue Agents and Revenue Officers whom have made comments about information they discovered, about our clients, on the internet.

If you are dealing with the IRS in any capacity, just remember that they are likely going to run several internet database searches on you.

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