Payroll Tax Problems

Navigating IRS employment tax disputes can be a daunting task for any business owner. The complexities and potential consequences associated with these disputes can disrupt your operations and impact your company’s financial health. 

At McCauley Law Offices, P.C., we understand the challenges businesses face when dealing with tax matters. We specialize in representing businesses during IRS employment tax disputes, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to protect your company’s bottom line. 

Based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, our firm assists business owners nationwide in resolving tax issues and ensuring compliance with state and federal tax laws. 

Unparalleled Representation for Employment Tax Disputes:

With over three decades of experience, our team has successfully represented numerous business owners, corporate officers, board members, and corporations in employment and business tax-related disputes with the IRS. We have built a national reputation for effectively and efficiently resolving business tax controversies, prioritizing our clients’ financial well-being.

Our comprehensive approach aims to resolve your tax controversy while bringing your company into compliance with applicable tax laws. We work diligently to prevent IRS interference, such as liens, levies, and asset seizures, which can severely impact your business operations.

Our expertise in business and employment tax matters includes:

  • Trust fund penalty issues related to payroll taxes, including representation during “responsible person” interviews.
  • Business audits to ensure accurate reporting and compliance.
  • Employee classification issues to avoid misclassification and associated tax liabilities.
  • Filing appeals and representation at Collection Due Process hearings, providing a strong defense for your company.
  • Tax Court litigation when necessary, advocating for your business’s best interests.
  • In addition, our lawyers conduct independent investigations into any internal issues, such as embezzlement or deceptive behaviors within your company, that may have contributed to your tax disputes.

The accumulation of penalties and interest on tax liabilities can quickly spiral out of control, endangering your company’s financial health. Don’t let tax debt jeopardize your business’s future. 

Take proactive steps today to resolve your tax issues and safeguard your company’s financial well-being.

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A small business sought our help with substantial payroll tax liabilities, accrued unknowingly by their non-owner son who managed the finances. The husband and wife owners were unaware of the situation. A revenue officer pursued collections and assessed trust fund recovery penalties. Our firm successfully defended the business owners, saving them over $150,000 in penalties. If you’re aware of unpaid federal payroll taxes at a business, even if you’re not the owner, the IRS could potentially hold you liable. Protect yourself—seek professional guidance. Contact us for peace of mind and to understand your rights and responsibilities.