Innocent Spouse Relief

The IRS’s primary objective is to collect taxes, and unfortunately, if your spouse made errors or intentionally misrepresented your tax liability on a joint return, you may find yourself held responsible for their actions. 

At McCauley Law Offices, we are dedicated to assisting clients in achieving relief from tax debts. If you were unaware of your spouse’s underreported tax liability, we will diligently pursue innocent spouse relief on your behalf.

Understanding Innocent Spouse Relief:

Innocent spouse relief offers a way to alleviate the tax burden resulting from improper or illegal representations made by your spouse or ex-spouse on a joint tax return. By qualifying for innocent spouse status, the IRS will direct its collection efforts solely towards your spouse/ex-spouse, sparing you from being pursued for the tax debt.

Qualifying for Innocent Spouse Status:

Securing innocent spouse status can be a complex process. To qualify for relief, you must establish the following:

  • Joint Tax Return: You filed a joint tax return with your spouse or ex-spouse.
  • Separation: You are divorced or separated and have not lived with your spouse/ex-spouse for at least one year before filing the joint tax return.
  • Lack of Knowledge: You had no knowledge, nor any reason to know, that your spouse understated your tax liability.
  • Inequitable Circumstances: Demonstrating that holding you responsible for the tax debt would be unfair or inequitable in the given circumstances.

At McCauley Law Offices, P.C., we have successfully assisted numerous clients in obtaining innocent spouse relief. Our attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of how the IRS evaluates innocent spouse claims and can effectively position your case for the best possible outcome. We are committed to protecting our clients from being held liable for their spouse’s tax debts.

If you believe you may qualify for innocent spouse relief, do not hesitate to contact our firm today. 

Our experienced lawyers will assess your situation and provide guidance on pursuing relief from tax debts. 

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Following an IRS audit, a taxpayer—part of a business partnership—was stunned to find themselves owing the IRS over $1 million in tax liabilities spanning three years. However, the spouse had no involvement in the business or tax preparation processes. After thorough interviews and reviewing audit paperwork, our attorneys determined that the spouse qualified for innocent spouse relief. Though the process was lengthy, we ensured the spouse remained out of IRS collections during its pendency. Ultimately, we succeeded in proving the spouse’s innocence, relieving them of any additional income tax obligations resulting from the audit. If your tax return has been audited, and you believe it is unjust to be held responsible due to your spouse’s actions, contact our office for a free consultation to explore whether you may also qualify for innocent spouse relief.