Money Laundering

White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend Against Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)/Offshore
Bank Accounts.

To prove tax evasion/money laundering charges, the federal government must prove each of the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

Money laundering charges have important short-term and long-term tax consequences. In the long term, a conviction on these charges can lead to fines and prison. In the short term, federal law enforcement agents have the right to seize any assets they have reason to believe are connected to your alleged crimes. Your assets can be seized before you are convicted of any crime. We defend your rights to property and work to stop the IRS from auctioning that seized property. Frequently we save property for clients when others have given up.

As soon as we become involved in your case, we will check the evidence one very front. First, our lawyers will examine the nature of the government’s evidence to see whether it is sufficient to prove its case. Second, our attorneys will make certain that the government did not violate your constitutional due process rights when gathering evidence against you. If there is evidence to show that law enforcement agents violated your rights, we will ask the court to suppress the evidence and dismiss your charges. Our aggressive, strategic approach has helped individuals facing difficult situations.


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