Fresh Start Initiative

In 2013, the IRS introduced the game-changing “Fresh Start Initiative” aimed at assisting taxpayers in achieving tax compliance and finding resolutions for their tax debts. 

At McCauley Law Offices, our skilled tax team is well-versed in the expanded provisions of the Fresh Start program. We can determine your eligibility for these measures and guide you in harnessing their full benefits. 

From our office in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, we proudly represent individuals and businesses across the nation, offering expert tax resolution services. 

Explore the Fresh Start Initiative:

The Fresh Start Initiative encompasses four key pillars that can significantly transform your tax situation:

Tax liens — Under the Fresh Start Initiative, the threshold for initiating tax liens has been raised. The IRS will not file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien until your tax debt reaches $10,000 (with certain exceptions), providing valuable breathing room to address and negotiate back taxes. Our experienced team can assist you in preventing and discharging tax liens, safeguarding your assets.

Penalty relief — Individuals who faced unemployment or self-employed individuals with a substantial decrease in income may be eligible for a grace period from failure-to-pay penalties. Through the Fresh Start penalty relief initiative, qualifying taxpayers may receive an additional six months to fulfill their tax obligations, including interest. We possess comprehensive knowledge of IRS penalty abatement and can address your specific questions and concerns.

Installment agreements — The Fresh Start Initiative simplifies the process of establishing payment plans for resolving back taxes. You may benefit from extended payment terms and a raised threshold from $25,000 to $50,000 in taxes owed. Our team can guide you through the intricacies of IRS installment agreements, providing a viable solution to your tax challenges.

Offer in Compromise (OIC) — If you lack the means to pay off your tax debt in a lump sum or through installments, an Offer in Compromise can be a lifeline. The Fresh Start Initiative has relaxed certain rules and restrictions, expanding eligibility for this debt settlement option. Our attorneys have achieved highly favorable terms for clients, even for those previously deemed ineligible by the IRS or other firms.

Embrace a Fresh Start:

We are dedicated to helping clients across the United States resolve their tax disputes and burdens. 

Whether you reside in Delaware County or beyond, the Fresh Start Initiative can serve as the catalyst for a brighter financial future.

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