North Carolina Man Goes to Great Lengths Not to Pay IRS

Billy Floyd, of Monroe, NC was indicted on charges of interfering with the due administration of the Internal Revenue laws and filing false tax returns. It was alleged that Floyd filed amended tax returns for the years 2000-2002 showing his tax liability reduced to zero. In 2010 he again filed amended returns but included the […]

Connecticut Man Faces Prison Term for Hiding Income in Panama

Saul Hyatt, from Weston CT., pleaded guilty to one count of concealing over $1.5 million in income by using an undeclared bank account in Panama. Hyatt registered a Panamanian Corporation, The Centennial Group, which bought and sold duty-free alcohol and tobacco products.  Both products were shipped to warehouses in the US and the profits, totaling […]

Check Cashing Store Owner Sees Dead People and Cashes Their Tax Refund Checks

Owner, Junior Jean Baptiste, of a North Miami check cashing store named Surveillance Masters, was convicted of numerous crimes including theft of government funds, or plainly stated he cashed in other peoples’ tax refund checks. Evidence presented at court showed that from 2009 to 2011, Baptiste knowingly cashed over $11 million in fraudulent tax return […]